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Top Three Dogs for a Pet

Many people wish to own a dog as their pets. Understandably, most dogs are cute. More importantly, a dog can be a good friend that can keep you feel accompanied. According to the Zoo Too article, dogs can also be a protector while keeping you active. Those reasons are more than enough to prove why people desire to own a dog in their home.

Suppose you have decided to have a dog, but do not know how to pick one, this article is right for you. With numerous different types of dogs, it is possible to get confused to choose which dog is best to adopt for yourself at home. Some dogs are not suitable as pets, and some dogs are perfect for searching, outdoor work, and policing. When considering to have a puppy, nothing beats the typical set of well-adjusted dogs and owners. Below are the three most popular types of puppies:

dog typeCompanion Dogs

Most house pets are companion dogs type. This type of dog is known for its exceptional temperament, which makes them perfect for a family pet. Almost all of these pet dogs serve no general-purpose other than to provide the pleasure of companionship. For many people, this is enough.

Guardian Dogs

hunting dogGuardian dogs are the second popular dogs to adopt as a pet. Also, guardian dogs are mostly territorial, but if appropriately trained, they can also be excellent pets. They are extremely wary of strangers, which is a beautiful thing because they would definitely protect your homes. The breed that some people love and admire for guardian dog is German Shepherds. They love this dog since this breed is known best for its loyalty and friendliness. Other great guardian dogs are Schnauzers, Pit Bulls, Dalmatians, and many more.

Hunting Dogs

Although hunting dogs are quite popular, this type of dog should not be confined to houses or apartments. The hunting dogs love to be active, so you have to keep them exercise with constant stimulation. Otherwise, they tend to become cranky or even dangerous and disruptive when they get irritated. If you wished to have them as a pet, you have to train and control them well in the early years to tame their natural herding instinct. Suppose you leave this dog alone at your place. They will try to grab everyone by the feet to keep them together as a pack. The remarkable thing about this dog is its specialty for outdoor activities, such as on farms and ranches.


Dog Training Do’s And Don’ts

Dog lovers wonder why despite their tireless efforts to train their dogs, the results are always not as expected. No matter how hard you try your dog Rex still thinks a cough is his kingdom or Tommy cannot stop roaming in areas you want him not to. Below is a list of training do’s and don’ts that will help you make your dog all you ever wished.


brown dog with chainFocus on your dog. Understand your dog’s instincts and natural behavior in an attempt to bring him in your world. You cannot train a dog you do not know.
• Be honest with your dog. Do not fool him into doing what you want him to or tease him with commands you teach him. Fooling your dog will at the end of the day confuse him.
• Begin each command with an end in sight. Reward your dog every time they complete a set task. This gives him a reason to take the task again, and by the end of training, it will be a habit.
• Be consistent. Ensure to use the same command for desired behavior all times. Also use the same tone commanding your dog.
• Think ahead. Anticipate your dog’s behavior before he even moves. This will enable you to use another command to make him get what you wanted in case he misses the first task.
• Teach your dog one command at a go. Giving him more than one command can easily confuse him, however, clever they are.


jumping white dog Do not allow other people to pamper your dog more than you do. You should be his master the one he looks up to and obeys most.
• Do not at any time finish a training session on a bad note. Be very positive and praise him even if he is failing. This motivates him to try again.
• Do not lose your temper while training. Loosing tempers make your dog loose trust in you, you should be in control even of your tempers.
• Do not chase him if you want him to come. The skill is to make him come, so chasing him confuses him totally.
• Do not continually repeat the same command to him until he does it. Your dog should understand you within the first utter of the command. Avoid command overuse.
• Do not discipline him for disobedience unless you are very sure he understood the command. It is also important to note that punishment and discipline are different things.